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Sunday, April 01, 2007

natural dyes for easter eggs

i love, love. love dying easter eggs. easter for us is simply coloring eggs, hiding eggs, eating too many deviled eggs and the awesome easter baskets full of toys and books!

last year was the first year little bunny foodie got to enjoy the art of egg coloring. i admit to buying the generic store bought egg dye...drop a tablet into some water and vinegar watch it fizz. last year we didn't eat the eggs so i feel a little better but this year our lives have changed...or should we say the quality of our lives have changed....all for the better.

this year, and everyone after that we will not be following the masses to the stores to pick up bags of crap and egg dye...where who knows what kind of harsh red dyes and chemicals are seeping into those eggs. oh, and this year we are eating the eggs...mayo and mustard filled deviled eggs!!!

wild oats grocery store (who, btw has recently merged with whole foods) has a wonderful atricle and recipes on natural and homemade egg dyes using plant, spices, and seeds. i am so excited this year to pass on a tradition to littlefoodie and to teach him that it is possible to be whole and healthy in a commerical driven's more labor intensive and hands on but a great learning experience and teaching experience for parents and kids.

click on the link on the title and read about it.

this weekend we'll be sure to post photos of our new, improved and smart easter eggs!



Blogger Brilynn said...

Those look lovely! I blew my eggs out and used the insides for baking before dyeing them.

11:18 AM

Blogger Anne said...

Oh, too cool! I was just doing some alternative dyeing today and wondering about other methods. Thanks!

8:02 PM


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