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Sunday, April 01, 2007

thanks bathing for baby

target has finally jumped on board..some what and starting carrying chemical free, organic products for baby. now for people who don't have the advantage of whole foods, wild oats, etc. can bath their little safely without the fear of coating that sweet skin in harsh chemicals and perservatives. no sodium lauryl sulfate or dea. some may balk at the price but you only use a tad and man is it nice....actually, big foodie daddy and i use it alot too.

we have long been free of any bath, beauty or cleaning supply products containing chemicals and, sustainable and earth friendly here. now with the new findings linking some common chemicals to cancer i am happy that we are giving ourselves and our dude a healthy start inside and out!!!

try this product out and you not be disappointed.

oh, and target now carries burt's bee's....the baby powder smells amazing and according to little foodie "it tastes soooo delicious mommy." i often say he'll eat anything.


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