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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

little foodie book of the the night kitchen

its no secret around here that we have a major love affair with the wonderful and hilarious and imaginative maurice sendak. while this isn't a recipe, it is a book about food..morning cake to be exact! before littlefoodie was born i bought up anything where the wild things related..not concerning myself with even more awesome stories from this guy. i picked up a copy of a where the wild things are dvd by took 2 years to dig it out of the rubble and for 3 months now we watch it every morning..nothing else. along with where the wild things they are tales from the nutshell kids, alligators all around, one was johnny, chicken soup with rice and our favorite in the night's kitchen. all animated with songs that tell their timeless tales.

so, littlefoodie and i got our copy of in the nights kitchen a few days ago...and we read it at nap, read it at bedtime, red it in the morning and read and read and read and read. at this point littlewildthingfoodie reads it on his own...each page word for word memorizing a book i am hoping he will pass onto his children. and now we want to share it here! pick up a copy and enjoy!

oh, and because littlefoodie has the best daddy ever we are now the proud owners of a very rare and expensive max wolf suit from where the wild things are...thank you ebay, thank you san francisco for setting up your museum to look like where the wild things are even though we missed it and thank you daddy. the easter bunny now holds the best gift ever in his basket!

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Blogger karrie said...

We love this book too. :)

5:12 AM

Blogger Anne said...

We have a video with several MS stories on it and the Night Kitchen is one. The kids adore all of MS's works!

7:07 AM


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