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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

littlefoodie smalls pick of the day..crabapples

after a wild time at the park with a couple of littlefoodie booties friends we hit the market...well, we had plans to hit home but i had my ears burned out with the screeches of someone who apparently needed GLAPES (grapes..duhh!) PLEASE..NOW! and like any good beaten down mom i got their asap!

on our way to buy glapes (umm..8.20$ for a bag of organic glapes..ugh!) littlefoodie pain in my booty spotted the adorable little apples. perfect for his hands and so dang cute.

when we got home i scrubbed them clean and handed them over. littlefoodie smalls loved them...he kept pushing them on me and when i took a bite i realized that while they are cute they definitely are not the sweetest apples..blah! kind of dry, not so sweet and a barky taste to it.

so i looked them up and found out the use of crabapples..not really good eaten raw...makes a good jelly and occasionally used to add distinct flavor to on the title and it will take you to a link with more info!

i think i am going try and search for an interesting recipe to make out of these little guys until then i guess littlefoodie pirates booty will be eating them up!


Blogger QSMama said...

When I was three we had a crabapple tree in the back yard, and, tree-climber that I was, I climbed right up and picked a bucketful for myself. I still remember how bummed I was to find out how very sour and hard they were!

7:09 PM


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