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Friday, October 20, 2006

mothers little helper of the and blacks chocolate bars

i've come to recognize the magic that is held in dark chocolate and this was heaven sent! oddly, it had succomb to the reduced rack at target and i heard its call to my heart. after a long day of listening to shrill "NO's" and picking boogers it was a nice way to finish off the chaos.

i am thinking of using this as a base for a x-mas dessert this year though, so i am definitley going to need to try all of them...good enough reason, right? they have an espresso one too that is next on my list.

heres the link:
  • greenandblacks

  • enjoy!


    Blogger karrie said...

    The Maya Gold, with orange and spices, is my fave.

    2:38 AM

    Blogger foodiemama said...

    hmmm...sounds so good..the ginger one is calling me as well.i'll have to try the maya gold after the espresso, haha!

    8:01 AM


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