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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

for the love of food

i love good food. i love bad food and in between food; from fried pickles to pork rinds to foie gras and french fries....i just love food.

most of all, i love to cook.

so long ago i picked a path and took off to culinary school. i learned so much and ate my weight in awesomeness. fast forward a few years and jobs and kick ass meals and here i am at motherhood.

at 2 my son already knows what he wants and knows where to get it. i've made it a passion to cook with him and for show him pleasure and beauty in his him variety and flavors and textures and life.

"more hummus...please". words to a foodie mamma's ears.

after scrounging thru countless scraps of receipts, bills, torn cardboard etc. all scribbled with recipes from one thing or another i have decided the best way to get it all out is here...and in the meantime share what i've found and created with other food crazy families.

what you can find will be a vast majority of what i have complied over the last 2 years, most of which are all geared to creating a seasoned palate of a toddler...snacks, meals, drinks, ideas.

my first recipe will be these great mini pumpkin chocolate chip muffins..hopefully pictures included..messy face and hands included too.


Blogger GIRL'S GONE CHILD said...

Hot Photo, lady! Rarrrrrgh!

12:37 AM

Blogger karrie said...

Yay! I love your recipes.

8:24 AM

Anonymous Diana said...

How exciting Jen --- I'm gonna love keeping up with your blog and sharing your super recipes!!! NicNic thanks you :D

3:12 PM

Blogger QSMama said...

This is a great niche! I'll be checking back frequently.


6:49 PM


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