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Sunday, October 22, 2006

littlefoodie jr.s pick of the day...cats cookies for people

not the usual fare over here but littlefoodie smalls was, shall we say insane at trader joes this morning so i grabbed what i could find. apparently i can be pretty right on when i am about to lose my mind.
anyway, this was breakfast despite slaving over the hot burning flame to serve him piping warm pancakes.

they are pretty good and much better for you than regular old animal crackers. not too sweet, super crunchy and shaped like little kitties. over here we call them babymama cookies after our kitty of course.

no trans fats, partially hydrogenated vomit. just simple stuff for little mouths!



Anonymous Diana said...

NicNic has had these cookies before and loves them --- she has to compete with mommy to eat them though!!

3:01 PM

Blogger karrie said...

Those cookies *make* Max insane in TJs. He has a thing for kitty cats, so the treat + kitty combo puts him over the edge. I have to open them in the store and deal with the "yes-I'm-letting-him-eat-as-many-cookies-as-he-wants"stares as he "MMMMMmmmmms" his way through the asiles.

Actually TJs in general makes him insane. I blame the balloons.

4:13 AM

Blogger foodiemama said...

ahhh good to know i am not alone...can i make a confession, haha i let him have how ever many he wants just ot avoid a freak out. bribery is sort of cool that way heehee.
and about tjs...gus goes nuts too...he freaks out over the polar bears, lobster and monkey there.

8:41 AM


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