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Saturday, September 13, 2008

HFCS crazy propaganda.... sweet surprise my informed butt.

ok. seriously, first the republican party brings us sarah palin... yikes. (i will refrain from getting into that here as hard as it is.) and now the corn industry is trying to make people believe that high fructose corn syrups are ok with their crazy commercials making informed people look stupid... first her and now this... are we only shooting for the bottom of the barrel here?
we're smarter than this.... i hope! (edited today because apparently we are not!)

another great posting over at cleaner plate club (click on the title to take you right to her website to read) about this hfcs business... take a gander, read what's up, do your own research, get yourself informed and think about what we put into our bodies and our children's.. and realize how all these things factor into the global picture.

no hfcs in this house (and no sarah palin either!)

and here we go being treated like dummies:

and here we go treating us moms, who care like dummies:

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Blogger foodiemama said...

seriously, thanks for the laughs. you guys work for the industry that helps provide our masses hfcs, right? cause i am thinking only someone who is getting a paycheck from them would back them.
and continue down that unhealthy path you've set for yourselves!!! fat and disease will not be becoming of any of us if we don't say informed.
fortunately, i'll stick to doing what i want on my blog for those who care!
dude, cancel my vote!!!! sarah palin sucks.

5:40 PM

Blogger foodiemama said...

yeah! another one! guys, keep 'em coming!!!!

oh, and don't forget to tell your friends to visit!

seriously, you're keeping us in stitches over here! thanks for the laughs!

7:38 AM

Anonymous ::::wifemothermaniac:::: said...

Those are so infuriating!

10:19 AM


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