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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

littlefoodie had a party and everybody came..... vegan cupcakes, choco cupcakes and care wars

littlefoodie will be 4 this friday. 4... oy! we had a nice little (or big) party for him this past saturday and i believe it was a great success. keg of Fat Tire-check, Zpizza, lots of it-check, care wars cake-check, teenage mutant ninja turtle-check, butt loads of fun-super check! we had to keep those happy child-free pals happily supplied in beer so the keg was a must. littlefoodie has had a genius idea for the last year now that involved an epic battle of bellies and light sabers. the cake was easy but the kids were stoked! i made some pretty tasty vegan mint cookiesncream cupcakes as well as some plain ol chocolate cupcakes that were to die for. here are a few highlights with the recipe too follow:

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Anonymous ::::wifemothermaniac:::: said...

I think that is truly the coolest birthday cake i've ever seen.

7:57 PM

Anonymous flowerlade1 said...

hello beautiful daughter and fabulous grandson.....your birthday was fantastic and a good time was had by all.....the guest of honor was to terrific and look fabulous in his star wars outfit......keep the great recipes coming and the fab photos of Mr. handsome.......grami

11:48 PM

Anonymous Water Filter System said...

i sooo love cupcakes! I had experienced creating just a simple one and seeing what you have posted here makes me drool. I will definitely make some on weekend and let my family taste it.

4:00 AM


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