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Saturday, December 22, 2007

x-mas brunch will be our bounty

this year i am hosting brunch with half of my family. with a million neices and nephews, families scattered here and there for various reasons we'll be opening our doors for some of the littlefoodie well as some good friends. i am slowly going crazy trying to figure out how i will be doing it all. the menu was created, i already shopped and now i am fine tuning my attack. the morning of x-mas there are way way way too many presents to open, family to greet and a littlefoodie all beside himself with santa will it all get done? i worry and then it turns out...always! i'll be posting recipes and pics soon as the holidays are done kicking my butt. and since the kitchen is overflowing and the cookies are coming out of my ears i will leave you with one fluffy, happy, hairy and festive x-mas brunch menu. sound good to you?


pomegranate-ginger champagne cocktail (the crown jewel of the least for me!)
apple cider
egg nog
orange juice
overnight cinnamon/walnut coffeecake
ham, leek and three cheese quiche
sugared cranberries (easy to make and sooooo delicious!)
spicy, sweet almonds
spicy mustard and rosemary breakfast sausages (so much better than pre-made)
home fries with peppers
homemade ginger donuts (i am way too excited to make these babies!)
roasted broccoli with gremolata
beautiful grapes from the farmers market

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Blogger Lisa said...

i dont know how you do it all. I only wish i could be 1/2 the mommy you seem to be. I cant seem to find the time i need to cook meals like i used to do. I maintain a healthy diet for my little bear and I (Daddy bear is anti health food and prefers the crap) but your food looks so teriffic and i just envy your little foodie for having a mom who does so much for him. cudos to you.

6:42 PM


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