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Monday, December 10, 2007

soapy snowman craft

while definitley not food this little craft will have busy and dirty little fingers busy for some time. littlefoodie just started asking to do more crafts and i admit i am not the craftiest....making food yes but making things out of pipe cleaners, glue and glitter...not so much. this was adorable and fun. we used rosemary for the arms instead of twigs cause it was way too cold outside to grab some. we couldn't find the suggested laundry soap so we used a different kind that has baking soda in it. also, we ended up using way more water than the "recipe" calls dries out quickly and with a 3 yr old it took about 10 hours to make one little snowman. as you can see one of ours resembles the elephant man a bit while the others look like they may be melting a bit early this year. all in all a fun craft.


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