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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

oompa toys is where its at!

if you are looking for great natural, wooden and imaginative toys look no further. i fell in love with this online store the minute i stumbled upon them while searching for that right kitchen for littlefoodie. they carry Haba toys and if you haven't heard of them i suggest you check them out...the cutest safe, wooden toys i have ever seen...littlefoodie is getting a handful of haba toy food for x-mas.
they have an great little rewards program and you get points for items you purchase. obviously the larger the amount the more the points but you get money off for your next purchases and when you get addicted like i have you will love that little money off deal! their toys are safe and foster imaginative play..what more can a parent want especially if you are like us and staying away from the plastic lumpy bells and whistle toys.

we ordered this educo kitchen for littlefoodie from santa. it came quick and is cute. the hard part is going to be storing it away and not giving in sooner. so if you want to feel good about your x-mas and find things that are fun, imaginative and safe for your little ones this place is perfect and none of those characters that are constantly forced down our throats.


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Blogger Aimée said...

Oh my gosh. I have just spent a half an hour on their website. TOO CUTE! My son needs that kitchen!!
Thanks so much for the tip.
I am going to be a really popular Auntie now!

11:57 AM


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