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Monday, October 15, 2007

apple picking at Riley's Farm....

(littlefoodie getting ready to go!)

(granny smith tree)

(apple pickin')

(granny smiths)

(misty orchard)

living in southern california, especially across the street from the beach and miles down the street from a concentrated crime laden ghetto we don't get too many chances for rural, green and country living without driving a few hours. despite living here my whole life i have somehow never made it up to the beautiful and peaceful apple orchards just a mere hour away. it was heaven. green and misty, black bears and pumpkins, log cabins and poop matted sheep dogs, goats and fresh raspberries. bouncy hay rides and mud...lots and lots of mud which meant littlefoodie was in his pigpen paradise. letting him loose on this place was like letting a caged animal out after years. he had fistfuls and mouthfuls of sweet sweet raspberries. bites of juicy and crisp fresh picked green granny smiths were taken out all over my apple bucket. double fisting fresh baked wheat bread all hearty and warm. it was really one of those amazing and perfect days that made me realize how easy i could give up my beachy life for a farm and garden...too bad bigfoodie daddy has no plans for that...maybe in retirement (here that littlefoodie!)

we got there late in the season so at the moment due to the farms elevation granny smiths were the last tree to produce for the season and it was technically the last day for apple picking. we got our share and moved on to the pumpkin patch. littlefoodie had a blast helping me twist off the thick and viney stem to pull out the perfect pumpkin. not a pumpkin for carving though, this is our baking pumpkin. after all that and a whole lot of exploring littlefoodie was determined to pick the most of those last few straggly raspberries. after a little talk about exactly which ones to pick (the darker the berry the sweeter the juice!) he was off and shoving that cute mouth full.

when the grammy and the mommy were too tired out we hiked down to the log cabin for lunch and listened to the blue grass band. warm pot pies, caramel apples and apple dumplings with hot coffee. sooooo good! after letting the little ones run around and blow off some excess steam we reluctantly piled in the car. i was probably more disappointed to leave than anyone...something about the clean green air and open fresh surroundings kind of put clutter out of your mind for a bit..coming down the mountain the mist and fog faded away and the green faded into sparse trees and back home to enjoy the bounty that we naturally picked.

stay tuned for some apple and pumpkin maddess here at littlefoodie!

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Anonymous Jim Riley said...

Thanks for visiting us. Nice commentary!

--Jim Riley
Riley's Farm

5:25 PM

Anonymous momomax said...

little guys is getting big!!
looks like a good time.

7:28 PM

Blogger Aimée said...

Adorable photos! Happy baking with you apples!

9:21 AM

Anonymous brown eyed wife said...

This is the best place to visit. There is just so much to do. The kids love it as much as we do. We go often!!!

1:42 AM


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