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Saturday, September 29, 2007 is great!!!!

i've been ordering things off of this website quite a bit lately. (click on title to be directed) they have tons of products that are plastic free, enviornmentally safe and all around better for you. i recently ordered the kleen kanteen sippy cup and i think this will be my gift of choice to new parents. we also adore our sigg bottles but then who doesn't these days.
there is also a wealth of info on why/what kinds/and how to avoid leaching plastics and help t ofind cleaner products. not too long ago we disposed of all plastics in our home and replaced them all with either glass (corningware) or safe plastics when neccessary meaning products containing polypropylene #5 which is a non-chemical leaching plastic.

here is a bit of info on checking out what types of plastic your little one may be drinking out of. at the bottom of plastic plates, cups, etc. are numbers on them which contain there recycling code..apparently 1, 2, 4, 5 and fine but 3.6.7 are not..those are the types if scratched, worn, heated, cleaned in dish washers and covered in plastic will certainly cause leaching of chemicals known to cause cancers and release toxins. please be aware! this little tidbt of info came from a great website called z reccomends. if interesed here is the link to some great reviews of safe toddler sippy and drinking cups:

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