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Monday, July 02, 2007

here are some of our favorite things...

what can i say...summer is here and i can't stay indoors. there are waves to pummel, sand to stuff down pants, parks and sprinklers to explore, bikes to ride, pools to pee in, popsicles to lap, worms to dig up, chalk to snap and a hot kitchen to ignore and thats why i have been mia for so long.

littlefoodie and i have been enjoying all that this warm weather has to offer. our diet has been mostly couscous, grilled chicken, vegetables and a whole lot of fruit..and glorious popsicles.

what i have to post today is a bit of the things we have been enjoying and an excuse to post pictures of my foodie offspring. some are food related some not but all are littlefoodie related. i guess i am back in an odd llittle way here.


1. this coconut sorbet is a new sweet favorite. i will eat anything coconut and fortunately littlefoodie shares my tastes.

2. mrs. meyers cleaning supplies. the best natural cleaning supples ever. the herby smells from the lemon verbena dish soap is intoxicating. the best part is that is lathers and lasts and is worth every penny! try it!

3. peaches. nuff said...we have been gorging on fresh picked peaches and loving the sticky yummy scent on our bods.

4. the white stripes new album icky thump. kids music...hell yes! littlefoodie has his faves and loves the pounding drums in this album..makes a mommy and daddy proud. recently at one of littlefoodies music classes, he sweetly asked the teacher if we could sing the "getting drunk on a wagon to mexico song"...thats my boy! something about a sweet little toddler singing loudly to conquest kills me everytime.

5. philip pullman the golden compass books. awesome! there is a movie coming out but i am not so sure they can capture the whole of the story on screen. fantasy geeks here? yes!

6. our juicer. after a hefty workout my breakfast goes something like this: 2 apples, 4 carrots, 2 celery stalks, 2 oranges, and a handful of random berries. yum breakfast.

7. trader joes tahini sauce. good on just about anything. and when a tired littlebooty takes 12 hrs to take a nap and you are one beat mother it is also good off a clean index finger..cracker and utensil free.

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Anonymous tricia said...

missed your posts. glad you two are having a good summer. been busy over here too. hope to see you 2 at the pool soon.

9:27 AM


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