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Sunday, February 18, 2007

meyer lemon and ginger madelines

i was recently given a big ol batch of beautiful meyer lemons. they are my favorite. the flesh is thinner and the taste is more floral and fragrant and much juicer than ordinary lemons. i finally got around to using them this morning.

madelines are so light and delicate. lemon is a perfect flavor for them and the added spice of finely minced crystallized ginger makes the flavor have an even better zing to it.

i used almond meal and wow did that make this stand out even more. almond meal is a great addition to baked goods and can be bought already ground up at trader joes.

little foodie gave them his usual horray..perhaps only 1 thumb up this time though. if it seems like this kid will eat anything....he will, but some things are met with more ferver than others.

madelines molds are easy to find but if you don't have one feel free to use a muffin tin instead.


2 lg organic eggs
1/2 cup organic powdered sugar
5 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/2 cup almond meal
1/4 cup unbleached organic all purpose flour
1 teaspoon aluminum free baking powder
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 lg meyer lemon, zested and minced and juiced
2 tbl finely minced crystallized ginger
sliced, toasted almonds
preheat oven to 375F.

in a mixer beat eggs and sift in powdered sugar; add butter and beat until combined.

on low, blend in almond meal, flour, baking powder, lemon zest and juice, and vanilla. fold in ginger.
cover the bowl with a towel and let sit for 1 hour to let the flavors really meld..beleive me...don't miss this step!
stir batter then fill about 3/4 the way up in madeline mold. sprinkle with almonds. bake 10 mins. cool.

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Anonymous Jessica said...

Yummy!Would love to try this out!!Thanx a lot for sharing it!!

3:57 AM

Blogger Brilynn said...

I need a madeleine pan, they just look so much nicer than when they're done in muffin tins.

6:23 PM

Anonymous tricia said...

beings we have the same meyer lemon fairy i wanted to make these. the sample you gave me was the deciding factor. i made these into 24 mini muffns. they were so yummy i scarfed down several. even my picky food dude loved them. the other 2 not so much but thats okay more for me. i promised a few to someone so i now have a double batch flavor melding as we speak. i know the first batch won't last long enough to share. besides the oven will be all preheated for the blue cheese stuffed steaks i'm making for dinner. thanks

4:12 PM


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