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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy new's to a healthy mind, body and soul.

happy new year blogging world! it's been a long year with a ton of highs and a few lows...i suppose just like any other year some just hit closer to home this year.

when i started this blog shortly ago i was ready to pour forth my passion of healthy, whole cooking, eating and living. somehow, during the excitement of baking and sharing and reading many a wonderful, rich food blog i strayed from my goal. straying into a bigger size of jeans to be exact...thats not my reason for getting back on track rather an incentive. so from here on out, with a few roadblocks in between i will follow my passions for healthy cooking, eating natural and whole...experimenting with vegan and vegetrian dishes and feeling better! living better and sure as hell loving my wonderful family even more.

today i had the chance to eat at an amazing organic vegan restaurant called NativeFoods. so wonderful that we purchsed the cookbook then and there. littlefoodie jr, bigfoodie daddy and i were was love at first bite of glorious quinoa! under the circumstances of our visit there it was really awesome! (click on the this posts title to take you to the restaurants site.)

a few days ago a good friend of bigfoodie daddy and i became ill. he is currently battling melanoma causing a tumor in his brain. he is a wildly talented guy and a good friend that we have known for quite awhile and there is nothing more that bigfoodie daddy and i would love to do than squash and obliterate this evil called cancer and rid them of this undeserved pain. it was our visit with he and his wife today that brought us to native foods..the wonderful eatery.
thru all his battles with cancer he has an amazing partner at his side. she is the most devoted and loving wife i have seen...together they are one heck of a couple. through all her research and love she has him on a truly amazing diet...full of straight from the earth foods. extracting the most out of precious grains, berries, fruits and veggies. they are my inspiration. they are doing what we all should be doing and listening to our bodies and really looking at what we cosume and how it affects not only the superficial but our spirit.

so send forward those positive thoughts please..they will use them all and they are appreciated!...and stayed tuned for a recipe overhaul folks cause its time for a change!



Blogger Asha said...

Same to you too!Happy 2007!:))

9:46 AM

Anonymous Emily said...

Well I can not wait to read (and use) some new healthy ideas. My jeans are not fitting anymore either. I know what ever you come up with it will be yummy.

12:37 PM

Anonymous karrie said...

I was wondering how you made so much wonderful, rich food and stayed so slim. :)

Sorry to hear about your friend.

1:28 PM

Blogger Rebecca said...

So true. My thoughts are with your friend.

12:47 AM


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