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Sunday, December 24, 2006

happy holidays and x-mas feast!

this past week has been leading up until tomorrow...littlefoodie and i have been slaving away in the warm kitchen for days. we've emerged with snotty noses and stinky attitudes but a few boogers aren't going to break us. littlefoodie is roaming free these days with a nicely healed tibia so ain't nothin gonna stop us from enjoying.

i must share our bounty. recipes and delicious pics will be up in a couple days when the whirlwind of presents, food and busted guts wears down. for now i leave you with one tasty menu:

TIMPANO!!!!! (this is the shining star. ever seen the movie big night with stanely tucci? this dish is the a giant center to this movie. what is it? well, a giant pastry wrapped around layers of homemade red sauce, ziti, provolone, genoa salami, polpettes (meatballs), hard boiled eggs, and pecorino romano cheese. baked and sliced. timpano means big drum in italian. i make this each holiday come hell or high water. it is a hit!)

baked ziti- made from the leftover red sauce, ziti, cheese, and the reserved meat from the red sauce..yummy!

stuffed mushrooms

marinated veggies

cannolis- homemade shells and filling. fried pastry with ricotta, candied citron, dark chocolate and cinnamon.


caramel apple pie

pumpkin creme profiteroles

gingerbread men

mini pecan tarts

peppermint chocolate brownies

littlefoodies grandparents also insist on mexican for x-mas so while i slave away they order more food from a little mexican place by is wonderful. its usually tamales, enchiladas, chile verde-pork and beef, guacamole, salsa, etc.

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Anonymous TRICIA said...


11:05 PM

Blogger Dawn said...

OMG! Can I PLEASE come to dinner at your house?!?!? :D

You rock! I can't wait for pics and recipes!
Happy Holidays!

11:19 AM

Blogger alimum said...

I think I am going into a food coma just looking at the pics.

Can't wait for the recipes.

9:55 PM

Anonymous jo said...

Big Night is one of my fave films - seen by accident many years ago as part of a double feature one afternoon. Love your blog - wish my little girl was as adventurous as your little one - tonight I sat very casually witholding my excitement as she ate her black rice and beans without fuss - something that's becoming more and more rare.

2:46 AM

Blogger karrie said...

Pass the pecan tarts, please.

4:46 AM


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