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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

mothers little helper of the day...mrs.mays

these are far i've had the pumpkin and pecan and plan on trying more. they recently started selling them at trader joes but looking on their website tells me that they sell them at target, walmart, costco, cost plus world market, and whole foods.
they are lightly sweetened with organi cane sugar and rice malt. they are not processed, nothing refined...pretty much a whole nutritious snack. the only problem is that i can eat the whole bag which with the nuts can be high in fat...but good fat, right?

unfortunatley, there are not a whole lot in a bag and they can be pricey depending on where you buy for hte amount you get but they are DELICIOUS!
seriously, everyone must try them and support their efforts at an amazingly yummy and good for you snack!!

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Blogger karrie said...

Try these too, also sold at Costco. I esp like the pecans with black pepper and cranberry:

12:54 PM


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