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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

broken leg, broken heart

his heart.

so i've traveled a bit off of the usual recipes and kid foodie reviews for hilarious antics of borat....and then to this.
littlefoodie cutest booty broke his sweet little 2 yr old leg sunday.

littlefoodie dude and i were hanging out with his bestest little girlfriend and her mostest bestest mommy having an amazing day of pizza eating and ice cream eating. then..BAM, he fell out of a swing...maybe 2 feet or so from the ground? happened in the blink of an eye. that's when it all went downhill....

after a long night of motrin and hugs we took a trip to the ped yesterday...then a trip to the xray, then back to the peds..then a ton of tears...then off to the orthopedic doctor to cast a leg.

yesterday was the worst day of mamahood for me since littlefoodie was born but he will be fine and off and running in about 6 weeks...ughhhhhh. no walking for 3 weeks. after that half the cast comes off then another 3 weeks of the bottom half.

can anyone tell me how to keep an extremely active 2 yr old still for 3 weeks?

last night was our first night and it was a long sleepless night. littlefoodie panicked all night even though he is pretty fond of what he calls his "green sticker on his leg" that the "guy who had a mootache put on".

i am hoping to get back to baking and cooking as usual once the shock subsides and we figure out how to make this work for us...and hopefully a little bit of sleep. (its been about 2 days with about a few hours only of sleep.)

i'm looking for some sweet ways to decorate this "green sticker" of his. i am thinking it'll be pretty festive for x-mas time but for starters we are thinking of a low rider style..maybe some graffiti art, a plastic virgin mary dangling from the side.
any ideas for those few readers?

so stayed tuned out there cause more recipes will be heading this way soon....considering the amount of time that we'll be spending indoors i am hoping to make this productive, somewhat at least.


Blogger Dawn said...

Oh that poor baby! It broke my heart seeing him lying there on the couch like that. :( So sad. I hope you are able to find things to stay occupied.

5:00 PM

Anonymous karrie said...

Oh, the pictures make it so real and heartbreaking! :(

I wish I knew local stuff to recco. I would just try and get out as much as possible--walks in the stroller, zoos, museums, maybe a matinee? Anything to keep from going totally stir crazy!

10:36 AM

Anonymous karrie said...

Oh and I love the idea for 'low-rider' style.

Mixed-drink recipes? LOL

10:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is breaking MY heart:( It is my worst fear that something like this happens, I hope that he next three weeks go by very fast for both of you! Your little cutie looks like a brave little guy though!

8:25 PM

Blogger Gabriella True said...

oh no. this is heartbreaking. poor littleman.

from a swing? now i am going to be panicked.

12:54 AM

Blogger Jammer said...

Awww! Poor little guy! I can't imagine Max breaking a bone. Heartbreaking.

Good luck!

7:53 AM

Blogger Heather said...

I am so sorry. I was out of town for a while and missed this post. I saw a reference in a later post and searched. I hope he's well on his way to mending.

1:35 PM


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