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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween from hansel and gretel (and yoda too!)

littlefoodie and i were embracing our heritage and became german duo this year for halloween...hansel and gretel. he is his sweet little lederhosen and me in a pink and green dirndl. littlefoodie made the cutest and chunkiest hansel ever. i had to do some quick thinking about the costume cause littlepoopie was refusing to be hansel and wanted to be hendrika the poor dutch cow who fell into a canal...i told him when a spacehero is little he wears lederhosen to gather his powers and voila it worked.

we'll be trick or treating tonight and eating lots of things i don't even want to consider. one day right, one day and its halloween...i can be cool sometimes. stay tuned for yummy chocolate halloween cutout cookies and a spooky, scary triple chocolate cheesecake topped with ganache.

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Blogger Kind of Crunchy Mama said...

You guys are too cute :-)

9:57 AM

Anonymous Andy said...

Great costumes!

9:15 PM


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