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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

all he wants for x-mas is his 2 front teeth..... tooth #2

Memo to the rest of littlefoodies mouth- Spare us the abandonment and money. This kid is growing up waaaaaaaaay too fast and for a more than likely only child this makes the parents weepy and emotional and full of baby memories of past. He won't even be 4 1/2 for another month... The first tooth brought a dollar, the 2nd-due to being totally unprepared brought 5$.
Now I know they can grasp the concept of money at a young age because the look on his face was gummy and priceless and full of pleas to trudge thru this x-mas craziness and take him to target for 5$ worth of (crap) goodies. It's not my cash no mo so what can I do.

Merry x-mas and happy tooth loss to all!



Anonymous Diana said...

Holy cow!! He is growing up WAY to fast....I just had to go and try and wiggle some teeth in Nic's mouth but they are all still FIRMLY attached ha ha!!

Hope you all had the MERRIEST of Christmases and I hope Gus has a blast blowing his $5 on goodies!!!!

9:47 AM


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